How it works.

Givers donate.

Donate your digital e-learning files.

Are you an organisation or freelancer looking to give back? Get in touch to find out how to donate your digital and e-learning files so that other organisations (such as charities) can benefit from your efforts and generosity and you can earn an ongoing commission.

Receivers learn.

Get your team learning today. For free.

We believe there is too much duplication, reinvention of the wheel, excessive spending and not enough collaboration in New Zealand businesses and organisations. Here, you can browse and simply download the SCORM file(s) of your choice and upload to your intranet, learning management system or device.

Add your touch.

Customise and add your branding.

Like one of the free SCORM files available, but need to add your touch? Save time (and ultimately money) and work with us to customise module(s) to suit your branding and style. Our rates are affordable and among some of the most competitive in the market.

We give back.

We believe our privilege must be shared.

Why are we doing this? The elearningcollective is on a mission to create a free skills platform so everyone has equal opportunity to learn and upskill themselves. We haven't decided the focus yet, but all of our profits will go towards this cause.

Join the movement.

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We believe.

We are #bettertogether, in paying it forward and in #beingthechange. Our privilege must be shared. We are a community of like-minded souls who believe in learning equality for all.